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Car of the week – Volvo 240

After a long absence from the “Car of the week” posts, I have come back with a car that is so utterly different to any other previous cars that it is just confusing. Whilst many of the other posts have included glamorous roadsters and insanely powerful Bahn Stormers I have recently found myself lusting after the not so glamorous or powerful Volvo 240 estate.

For many people, the sight alone of one of these will instantly catapult them back to childhood. The vast majority of people who grew up in the 80’s or 90’s I’m sure will have sat in the rear facing boot seats of one of these and probably spent the majority of the journey distracting the drivers behind and generally just making them feel uncomfortable… 

Volvo 245 (4)








The car has not been on my radar at all and I was surprised to see that the values are not as high as one might have anticipated. I found this lovely example for a very reasonable £1,650 (although mileage is not mentioned and a dent is visible). 

Unfortunately, there are very few left around today as I imagine many were victims of the scrappage scheme and hopefully we won’t see another cull in the current round. 

Compared to many estate cars that you could pick up for the same sort of price the Volvo, despite its vintage is remarkably well equipped. Most of them will have the basic creature comforts that we are now accustomed to and certainly have more quirky appeal than most other cars on the road.

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