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Future classic of the week – Mercedes E55 AMG

The W210 E55 is still overlooked as a modern classic with values still much lower than other similar aged Mercedes models such as the SL R129, good examples of which are rapidly increasing in value, following in the footpath of it’s predecessor – the R107.

The E55 is a car which at the time was unlike anything that the world had ever seen. It was a fast, luxurious and extremely practical car that was still capable of keeping up with even some of the most exotic cars of the time. Values are gradually rising with low mileage examples benefiting from full service history now approaching £10,000, although high mileage cars with limited history can be picked up for around £4k. However as with many fast Mercedes of the time it is sensible to look out for examples with a good service history.

In estate form it offers 7 seats yet still has the capability to reach 60 in around 5 seconds and hit it’s 155mph limiter with ease. The rear facing seats in the also boot offer endless entertainment for the kids.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 13.57.19

The E55 estate, drop the kids to school then head to the B-roads and have a blast.




The main problem area to look out for is rust, as with many of Mercedes offerings during the 90’s and early 2000’s. However, they are famed as one of the last “bullet proof Mercedes” to be built. Sadly this is not something that the following generation of E-Class could live up to.

Although running costs will inevitably be high, the E55 offers stupendous performance for the money alongside the potential to be a sound long term investment.

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